" Love of beauty is taste. Creation of beauty is art."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Who is Kelly WxxD

Third in a generation of hair stylists, Kelly Wxxd grew up around strong, intelligent women doing hair. After attending cosmetology school, winning national awards for her work, and spending years working in salons, Kelly formed her own business specializing in blowouts, which earned her the title "The Blowout Queen."

Combining her love for styling hair with her expansive knowledge of blow dry techniques, Kelly empowers both new and older generations of stylists seeking to grow in their skills and knowledge through both online and in-person courses. Her hope is to leave a lasting mark on the hair industry one day at a time, starting at GLAM STUDIO and extending around the world through her exceptional course offerings.


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Phone: (+33) 66-1254-611
Fax: (+38) 66-1254-989

66 Grand Central,
NY 66564, USA

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